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ClickInc features an intuitive web interface which allows partners with no programming and only basic HTML experience to setup and manage their entire affiliate tracking and lead management system. We continue to add new features and enhancements all the time.

Unique Features



No more Affiliate IDs or complicated linking. TruLink tracks everything from your affiliates registered url. It also improves your SEO ranking!
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Set your Traffic Alerts and let the system notify you by SMS or Email as soon as an affiliate’s traffic spirals down.

Standard Features

  Managing Tools

Managing Tools

Managing Accounts, Payouts, Communication, Marketing

  • Create Coupons (Marketing as well as tracking option) NEW

    Create Coupons

    Merchant can create coupons and assign the coupons to Affiliates,so that the Affiliates will give it to the customers .Once the customer used this ,that order will be assigned to the affiliate and the affiliate will get commission for that order.

  • Performance Affiliates Group NEW

    Performance Affiliates Group

    You can create a “Performance Affiliate Group”,here Affiliates will be moved to the Affiliate's group automatically based on the values you are setting. Only the Affiliates will be moved to performance group automatically if they are in general group or already in other performance groups.

  • Tier Commission Settings NEW

    Tier Commission Settings

    You can set n-number of tier commissions (50 max).

  • Email To Affiliates NEW

    Email To Affiliates

    Merchant will be able to email the Affiliates based on the no of Sales/Alerts/Banner Clicks/True Clicks/Text Clicks/Impressions/Commission and Affiliate Group/Active/Inactive/Suspended affiliates.

  • Cookie-Expire Days for Individual Affiliate NEW

    Cookie-Expire days for individual affiliate

    Merchant can set cookie expire days for each affiliate individually or common for all.

  • Configurable Emails to Affiliate NEW

    Configurable Emails to Affiliate

    Merchant can configure what the email to be sent to the affiliate during various actions like approve affiliate/Order.

  • WSWYG Editors NEW

    WSWYG Editors

    WSWYG editors for email/Message affiliates.

  • Follow Up NEW

    Follow up

    Follow up on email/message for the merchant.

  • Banners/TextLinks/HTML Ads/Promotions in Marketing NEW

    Various options like image/flash banners,textlinks,HTML code, promotions to advertise your product for the affiliates.

  • Messages NEW


    Merchants and affiliates can exchange messages within clickinc application.

  • Create Manager(s) Create Managers

    You can now create several managers to work on your affiliate program each with different permission settings. Not everyone accessing your affiliate program should be able to download your complete affiliate database for example, or see personal affiliate information; but they should still be able to do basic tasks such as contacting affiliates or approving pending orders. The “Create Managers” feature is yet another security level to protect your affiliate database and the hard work you put into it.

  • Approve/Deny AffiliatesApprove/Deny Affiliates

    Manually or Automatically Approve Affiliates on a daily tasks displayed on the Dashboard.

  • Fraud Detection

    Fraud Detection

    View the actual Geolocation of the signing Affiliates compared with the submitted information.

  • Set a Different Commission Set a Different Commission(% or fixed amount) for each product.

  • Each Affiliate can have their own commission settings

  • Create Groups

    Arrange your Affiliates in Groups for easier communication. Ex: Top 10 Affiliates, Inactive Affiliates, SEO Group…

  • Payments

    Set an Overall or Individual minimum payout limit. Set your payment schedule by day, week or month and generate the payment report.

  • Import/Export

    Import/Export Options

    XLS, CSV, XML, PDF, RTF formats supported for easy uploading/downloading affiliate lists, SKU.

  • Marketing Tools

    Upload/manage Banners, Datafeeds, links…

  Managing Tools


Unique Tracking Options. Tracking Parameters.



Detailed, user friendly Reporting for both affiliate and merchant. EasyGenerate Payment Reports

  • Alerts

    Manually or Automatically Approve Affiliates on a daily tasks displayed on the Dashboard.

  • Traffic Status

    • Compare today’s traffic with last week’s (same day & time of the previous week) to see which affiliate(s) gained/lost traffic, sales, conversions

    • Compare this week’s traffic to the previous one (overall weekly stats), to have a comprehensive overview of who lost/gained traffic, sales, conversions. By looking at a complete week, you eliminate the fluctuation thus giving you a more accurate view than the Day Compare above.

    • Choose any 2 days and compare the stats with the Date Compare

  • Search

    Affiliates (name, email, ID), Campaigns, Clicks, Sales, Transactions, Payments in real time or by date(s)

  • Trend Graphs

    Visualize trends for clicks, commissions, sales (number or total amount)


ClickInc has all the features you would expect from leading Affiliate Program Tracking Software and more. The above is a general overview of our main features.

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